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Free weights do have a shortcoming when it comes to performance enhancement for athletes.‘One is limited in the amount of weight they can lift by the weakest point of the range of movement (3).” After working through the “sticking point” (weakest point), as the joint angle nears end range of motion, the muscles have greater leverage to perform the movement.Training tools such as medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands also provide constant resistance.Medicine balls and kettlebells can often be used in place of free weights, and resistance bands can help to strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the body.The body has no input on stabilizing the spine, pelvis, or knees during movement as the seated/prone position against a stable platform does this for you, thus “there is a decrease in neural activation of the stabilizer musculature.(1)” In other words, the body does not need to maximally recruit any stabilizer muscles of the working limb because no control of the weight is necessary in that the welded lever arm only has one set range of motion.For example the drive phase (foot in contact with ground) of sprinting typically occurs with knee flexion of about 135degrees or greater and the same can hold true (not always, though) for some of your best performers in the vertical jump test. An athlete may max out at 315 in the parallel squat, but may max out at 375 in the quarter squat.The limiting range of motion of the parallel squat is parallel (bottom position with joint angle of roughly 90 degrees), and for the quarter squat it may be 130 degrees.

The speed of movement can vary from isometric to ballistic, while maximally recruiting large groups of muscle fibers.With this in mind, the 315lbs may not be enough to overload the working muscles at the end range of motion, creating less transfer of training to on field results.Another issue lies in the fact that, when training for power, the athlete will accelerate with load great velocity.When it comes to exercise, most methods of resistance can be classified as either constant or variable.Constant, as the name implies, means that the weight load on the muscle stays the same throughout the exercise.

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