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Both attending Mansfield University, Robert has decided to enlist in the National Guard, while Khabeera is receiving her Bachelor’s degree in social work.Khabeera: “I don’t know that it’s had a very big impact on me yet.After some radio silence, John receives one last letter from Savannah.Living like this is too hard for her and anyway, she’s engaged to someone else now. I guess we can just add this love story to the list of things the terrorists have stolen from us.Ria: “You don’t realize how much your life will change when you get into a military relationship. I soon realized that whatever rules and regulations they follow goes for me as well.Almost as if I signed my name to the government right beside him.

He will now have the chance to go to any state school in Pennsylvania for free. Each week, we’ll journey through another movie based on a Sparks novel. Because I’m a lover of romance, the gratuitous use of extremely well-made male forearms, and honestly, I have the time. routines to perform at family functions, your bromance with Jonah Hill, the ability for a grown woman to see a movie about strippers and feel zero shame; these are things for which we can never truly repay you. Channing Tatum loves his country, his lady, and HIS DAD. Channing Tatum’s John Tyree is shot in the middle of a war zone and we listen to John tell us that the first thing he thought of when he was shot was collecting coins, how he is like a coin in the U. Army, and that the last thing he thought of before blacking out was the person he’s writing this letter to. John is angry and upset, but it does help explain the complicated nature of their relationship. Aside from that bombshell, John and Savannah fall hard for one another.So, if you’re a Sparks fan, join me as we feel the love, mourn the dying, ogle all the beautiful people who moved to North Carolina, and cry … This week, I rediscovered one of the original Channing Tatum gifts: , I was wary of re-watching an old favorite. They make out in the rain, build houses together, have guitar jam sessions, you know, your typical falling-in-love type stuff.“I’m going to keep doing what I have been regardless of that, because I am exactly where I need to be right now. He is my best friend.” Ria Patel, 21, and Justin Hunsinger, 21, started dating in June of 2012.However, he has said that if we have to move because I take a job somewhere else, he would be willing.” Khabeera: “No I am not. Staying together through high school and into college, Justin has been serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps since high school graduation while Ria is getting her Bachelor’s degree in health studies at East Carolina University .

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