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K Rowling’s adult books because I’m curious to see how they are in comparison to her Harry Potter master pieces.Speaking of next; have you ever thought of writing your second book?Also Bly Avibath has two children in real life, he is not crippled but very sickly in real life.These changes were made as the threats regarding those details had huge implications or so the real people said they would have so I changed where I could to assist me in court if they sued me.Before starting this venture, I actually truly believed that there was no way I could write.From a very young age I had a very severe block when it came to writing anything.Take me back to the time, what was really going on in your head as you battled for your life, in and out of hospitals; I was in and out of Tara from the day of my 13th Birthday.

The real car accident actually happened in front of a well known bekery in Bombay, called the American Express bakery.At university I had a very dear friend, Jane Patrickson, who had her honors degree for Fine Art and English Literature.She wrote all my fine art papers the only ones I had to physically write were the year-end exams and still today I don’t know how I got through.One teacher taught grade one’s up until grade seven’s. My uncle was mayor of the town for most of my childhood and his family lived next door alongside my grandmother’s house and other cousin’s too. I wrote a huge piece in the book about my childhood but it was cut due to word count constraints.

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