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When those she cares about are accused of being involved, she investigates, not knowing whom she can trust.

While trying to clear her name, Ena falls in love. to Bletchley is the fourth book in the Dudley Sisters Saga. You can follow Madalyn on Twitter Here Dorinda Alexander is a former governess who now owns the Alexandria Theatre in the seaside town of Nethergate.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated equally to the Autistic Society, and the Alzheimer's Society.

Can she be with James if it means breaking her best friend’s heart?They encounter the Sfinx, a group of talking rocks.They witness an attempt to annihilate the Keeper, whose identity is revealed after millions of years.Genre: Family Sagas/Historical/Historical Romance/Fiction/Romance/Sagas Tags: WWII/London/Blitz/Fascist/Saga In the early years of World War 2, Margot Dudley works her way up from usherette to leading lady in a West End show.Driven by blind ambition Margot becomes immersed in the heady world of nightclubs, drink, drugs and fascist thugs – all set against a background of the London Blitz.

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