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Of particular interest to lovers of Indonesian textiles is the “Completing the Nyonya Look” chapter that features sarongs produced in the , the Nyonyas would also wear sarongs made in Cirebon, East Java dyed with earthy brown-red colors and in Lasem with smaller, stylized motifs and fairly simple backgrounds.Indo-European motifs, some taken from ceramic and wallpaper designs imported into East Indies by 19th C.Burlesque is not just about stripping to your skivvies Madge of Honor: Burlesque is a type of cabaret performance that’s often referred to as a striptease, but I like to think of it as a form of storytelling.The performer takes off layers to reveal something to the audience.

For the book she interviewed a number of experts in the field as well as many people who shared their personal recollections of the in their younger years.

The Postscript, the book’s last and most innovative chapter, shows new ways in which kebaya-inspired motifs have been utilized in not just the world of fashion but in tablecloths, ceramic dinnerware, placemats, coasters, curtains, linen, handkerchiefs and even commemorative postage stamps in which the role of the has been completely redefined.

A glossary of accepted Malay terms (the same terms used in Indonesian) describe the parts of a kebaya, types of designs; brooches, body ornaments and other costume accouterments; textile terms and descriptions of style variations worn in different geographic locations.

European traders, include renderings of insects, plant forms, blossoms, ornate daisies, irises, bouquets and wreaths of flowers, baskets tied with ribbons; swans, hummingbirds, birds carrying love letters.

Color combinations were bright and bold – mint greens, brassy browns, saffron yellows, shocking pinks, electric blues – which appealed to the Nyonyas’ aesthetics.

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