Dating stages seven months

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You're trusting of your partner now and ready to try new moves in the bedroom that you wouldn't be comfortable doing with someone whom you didn't love.You are gradually opening up more of yourself to this person and feel rewarded doing so."I love you" is "I want you to take me out of my comfort zone." S/he makes you feel secure enough to sexually explore and express your desires.This "I love you" isn’t about who won, it’s recognizing you don’t want to lose him/her. You both understand that disputes will happen, you’ll inevitably take different sides, but this love is strong enough to bring you back together. Holding each other closely, wrapped up in more than just each other’s arms, when you’re saying "I love you" you’re really saying, “You’re not alone.”Your love story is no longer limited to how you met and all the past events, now it’s including what you hope for in the future.It’s an "I love you" with “through thick and thin” tacked on. You say "I love you" to indicate "I love what we are, and I’m going to love what is to come."You are confident that as long as you’re together, what lies ahead can’t be that scary. You want to build more than just a relationship together.It's nearing the end of the Honeymoon Phase and you both have loved the time spent vacationing together."I love you" at this stage means "You're important to my life" and now we're carving out a more permanent place for you in it. You love the thoughtful emails s/he sends containing "of interest" articles."I love you" means more than it seemed to just a mere three months ago; you're saying, This "I love you," therefore, is still somewhat selfish.

This is when you start to find out who the other person really is. Now you find you're only having sex a couple of times a week.

You don’t just mean, "You are an amazing person"; you also mean, "You are my best friend."It’s the kind of "I love you" that goes deeper beyond what this person can offer you or what you can offer him/her. Now, you love your partner as if there weren’t a time in which you didn’t.... You’re in a new place now -- a place of sincerity and respect.

And you can’t picture what it would be like without this person in it. You’re taking the next step and so is the meaning of “I love you.” You’re not simply implying that your heart swells when they are around. You’re expressing that you want to make it permanent.

There's still the bit of uncertainty behind it -- will my heart be broken? Anything under six months can be fleeting, which makes this "I love you" even more exciting. You're learning about someone else, but also yourself in the process. Loving someone is like moving to a new city -- the more time that passes, the stronger your feelings grow.

Whether it’s playfully thrown out during a silly moment or softly whispered cuddled under the covers, when you say "I love you" at this stage, you really mean, .

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