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Echo-ing much of the_dr's verbals, Boom was the shizzle. This January 2002 entry documents early bootleg big-guns like Freelance Hellraiser plus Boom's debut on-air mention and the 1st viral MP3 mash-up that literally went global in minutes after it aired on 'The Remix', Sunday 27 January 2002.

That bastard pop fusion of Public Enemy's 'Bring The Noise' & Dexy's Midnight Runners' 'Come On Eileen' was created by Audio Shrapnel as part of the Remix show's 'Superchunk' by Fun-Da-Mental.

Not the first time, Paul's spoken out on this subject and it seems the US public's interest is possibly waning.

....sound of a big explosion like Westwood's frantic jingle-bombs when mighty, grimey hip-hop dawgs are up in his Radio 1's crib.

For the bootie brigade, it was yesterday's seismic sermon from Boom - the blog-o-sphere's still shaking!! I'm pretty sure as a download virgin, my first time was with Boom, something like Craig David vs. Survivor; what a buzz, downloading, then airing it within about an hour!! ) stumbled across Xfm's 'Remix' way back when, 18 November 2001 to be precise.

A matter of opinion, though no denying just how groundbreaking Paul's TV work like 'The Family' was; so raw/real and for its time (back in the 70s!

), revolutionary in fact, unlike today's reality shows which are in many ways, too staged and hyped up by the obsession with celebrity, echoed in another intelligent programme on Channel 4 last night, Piers Morgans' 'The Death Of Celebrity'.

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