Egg brain first dating day lyrics

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Don't rape me with your glad; Anti-depressants are just another kind of sad. I'm an entertainer, have issues with my mother, Have high highs and low lows, have ADD, and also want to kill myself but the ADD usually distracts me from…distracts me from?I'm a suicide threat; I'm a drama queen; I'm an emotional terrorist. Don't distract me with your cunt-ryness; I want you all to suffer for my farm (art).

Ex-boyfriend reunion tour: I'll fuck to shake your hand. I stalk you 'cause I love you, it just means I'm really deep.

Here's a serious, line-by-line analysis of the liturgical references in "Judas from Luke to John ." They don't call her "Godga" for nothing ...

“I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs” A reference to Luke , in which Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus’ feet with her tears and dries them with her hair.

Bitchy bitchy bitchy resting face bitchy bitchy bitchy bitchy resting face Please stop asking if I'm mad at you don't tell me I should smile more this is just the way my face naturally looks no you're not a total draining douche bag bore Bitchy bitchy bitchy resting face bitchy bitchy bitchy bitchy resting face Girl you better rest that bitch face you got the bitchiest face in the hole damn place sugar and spice and everything nice why you always look like you want to start a fight? back to top Don't Attack Me With Your Happiness I am an artist. We sit and I tell you a joke, And you laugh and we smile while we sit and smoke And talk about the good old times, When pennies were nickels and nickels were dimes And we tried to act like the end never came. And I used to love you, And you used to love me, Then we didn't any more, So we set each other free. You said I had turned you gay When I peed on you in our shower, When I picked off your scab and I ate it, When I pooped on our scale and I weighed it. I think that you think that I think it's nice When you message My Space from space with your "advice." I think you think that I think that you're neat; You're out of this world but you're kind of a freak. I am going to Clone U in case I accidentally kill you. back to top Famous Baby I want to get down, no need to get romantic; Let's get freaky but there's no need to get tantric.

I'm clinically depressed, I'm slightly neurotic and compulsively obsessed. And it was strange How I ran into you today On the other side of the world. You said I had turned you gay When I pulled my tampon out and I threw it at you, I hadn't shaved for 8 years, And I had a jar of wax that I collected from my two ears. back to top Space Invader I understand that you can't get enough of me; How could you ever possibly? Your GED is good enough for me, you have all your hair.

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