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- Blending a beautiful landscape with cultural hotspots and friendly people, Vietnam has authentic charm.

Enjoy the city street life with tropical fruit stalls and colourful festivals.

This past summer, I attended a two-week training at Syracuse University to become an adjunct instructor of the English and Writing departments.

At American Academy in Vietnam, I’m now able to teach two Syracuse University courses for college credit.

Often older, these teachers could just as easily teach in U. private schools as they could in Saigon, and are often found in the international school circuit.

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The social butterfly has a huge network of good friends across the city, knows the nightlife like the back of their hand and is always at every event.Though many are good with kids and are reasonable teachers, they are not in Saigon solely for the work.The Social Butterfly This is the kind of teacher who parties all night and congratulates themselves on making it to class the next morning.Further afield peaceful rice paddies with water buffalo can be found.There is a large quantity and fascinating variety of teachers working in Saigon, from the super-focused aspiring professionals to the traveller who happened to run out of money while in Saigon.

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