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If you need to change these settings during the session, make sure to set them back to their original values before performing further operations with these kinds of associative arrays.

When you declare an associative array using a string as the key, the declaration must use a datatype is supported only for backward compatibility; see "LONG and LONG RAW Datatypes" for more information.

A collection is an ordered group of elements, all of the same type.

howmany := continent_population(continent_population. LAST); END; / Associative arrays help you represent data sets of arbitrary size, with fast lookup for an individual element without knowing its position within the array and without having to loop through all the array elements.

It is like a simple version of a SQL table where you can retrieve values based on the primary key.

, which allow you to declare nested tables, associative arrays, and variable-size arrays.

This chapter shows how to reference and manipulate collections of data as local variables.

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