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JERUSALEM — At some point, after hours of speech therapy, countless consultations with child specialists and thousands of dollars spent without much progress to help my dyslexic daughter, Gefen, learn to read, I was at a loss for how to move forward.JERUSALEM — Liat Negrin, an Israeli who has been visually impaired since childhood, walked into a grocery store here recently, picked up a can of vegetables and easily read its label using a simple and unobtrusive camera attached to her glasses.

If someone here gives you a compliment, asks you a personal question, or befriends you, you can know that they are being serious!

A native born Israeli, any Jew that is born and raised in the land, is referred to as a are guarded with a tough outside shell and sharp, painful spikes.

The sabra fruit protects itself with a tough skin, granting the ability to withstand abrasions and bumps, and rigidity to stay in tact during many stressful environmental conditions.

For all the anger on the outside, the Israeli is the most genuine and personal creature I've ever met. The other two change over time, but Israel will always remain.

Moreover, you can identify the origins of all groups of modern Israelis and see why they have grown to be strong on the outside: Russians from the anti-religious, anti-minority communist Soviet Republic; Ethiopians chased from their homeland; Jews chased from Middle Eastern countries with the advent of Israel, even after enduring hundreds of years of minority oppression; European Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

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