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Every time Yuni has the chance to express the way she feels to Sakurai, she isn't able to do so. At first, Sakurai doesn't acknowledge Yunis feelings until one day in class, Sakurai purposely drops a pen to lean towards her, when Yuni is hiding under his desk before kissing her.But finally, Yuni musters up the courage to confess to her teacher and tries to do so by using a notebook that reads "I hate you teacher but I also like you. Trying to keep it a secret, Sakurai doesn't know that the new homeroom teacher of Yuni's class, Mirei Takizawa (Asami Mizukawa), who is being shown around, coincidentally sees the incident between them.

I hope that all the females out there playing this game can someday put this horseman love behind them, and maybe move on with an actual human being. horse.""Would you like to have some carrots with me?

Pretty soon, the craziness escalates, as the interaction gets intensified with every point you score on the game, which you can win by touching certain items that appear on the screen.

With enough points, the conversations with you and your horseman will leave you feeling a little flustered, maybe even blushing as you play the game on your subway commute home.

Kururugi Yuni (Nana Komatsu) is a high school prodigy who has a difficult time expressing herself.

And whilst having top grades in all her subjects, she isn't doing so well in English and so her English class teacher, Haruka Sakurai (Tomohisa Yamashita) gives her temporary private one on one English lessons.

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