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The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that a hidden epidemic is developing in Yemen, where for every known HIV case, at least 15 others lie undetected. In 1995, the gender ratio of HIV-infected men to women was 4:1, in 1999 it was 2:1 and in 2000, it reached 1:1 (UNAIDS 2004a).An increasing number of refugees—close to 70 000 Somalians and Ethiopians (Jenkins and Robalino 2003)—and close to 1 million Yemenis expelled from Saudi Arabia during the Gulf crisis (Busulwa 2001) expose new HIV risk factors by straining traditional behavioural controls.Inefficient bureaucracy, failure to meet minimum standards of fiscal transparency and corruption are reasons why development funds were cut by a third by the World Bank in 2005 (IRIN 2005a).Per capita GDP is reported at between US53 (WHO 2006a) and US0 (World Bank in IRIN 2005a), with close to 40% of Yemenis being unable to obtain food and basic living requirements.

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Dr Fawzia adds that it is not considered the government's role to judge the morality of behaviour, but it does fall within their mandate to protect against disease and enable informed decision-making.While forbidden by religion and law, same-sex activity is reported in Yemen (Jenkins and Robalino 2003), with these same men having unprotected sex with women serving as the epidemiological bridge to the wider population (UNAIDS 2004b).Finally, WHO (2003) estimates that 70–90% of adult males, 30–50% of adult females and 15–20% of children under 12 consume khat daily.Two other groups have received official government approval, one being led entirely by positive Yemenis demonstrating political advocacy on their own behalf.While infection surveillance and data collection is still low, continued surveillance into behaviours that lead to transmission have included data on attitudes, behaviours and knowledge.

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