Nadech and yaya dating Ameture nudes

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How does one react when a cute girl tells everyone that you’re one of a kind? Nadech offers that Yaya is a very sweet person and it makes him happy when she smiles. Is it close though, curious minds want to know: if the level of boyfriend-girlfriend is here, are they there yet? Chompoo explains it’s because they are beyond that now. Nadech starts to fan himself, things are suddenly getting too hot in here.

Yaya elaborates that they don’t have a line drawn because they don’t yet know where all this is going.

It is evident by the end of part one of 3 Zaap show that the hosts and fans alike are rooting for the onscreen sweetheart couple, Nadech and Yaya, to be a real life pair.

The second part if anything, fuels the fire and gives us comfort in questions left unanswered.

Yaya adds that he’s one of a kind and she leans over and tells him that she’s not just buttering him up. Yaya explains that she sees her P’Nadech almost everyday, more than she sees her friends or some family members. Nadech agrees, that is why they take care of each other (there’s that word again.) And they like the way things are right now, Chompoo whispers ‘love love’ and the other host wants to know what that means- where has their closeness taken them?

Nadech nods shyly while his ears turn red, a good indication of a humble man who’s unsure of how to take the compliment? The host pipes in that her life revolves around Nadech. Not to the level of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Nadech responds.

Nadech adds that their behavior towards each other is evident during events and in public. They read another fanmail who questions about Yaya’s ring.

So does that mean that however he acts towards her (the hand on her back, the ‘taking care’) reflects how he really feels? There was a picture that surfaced with Yaya’s left hand and a ring. They wonder why the fans are so immersed with this pairing.

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Nadech has lots of ideas too, and Chompoo pipes in that she heard he’s interested in creating an institute, maybe even a Nadech-Yaya Foundation. Nadech smiles and answers that he would like to create a small institute for children who live in the countryside.Yaya explains that she loves her scarf, she wears it all the time in colder countries that she visits, but it has nothing to do with the scarf that Nadech knitted. But according to the resident private eye (Chompoo) those two scarves are one and the same. And what is the meaning of wearing it that frequently and sharing the picture on Instagram, as if she wants people to see it? Nadech finally says that the scarf in the photo is a prop for his lakorn, he didn’t knit that particular one, but he does know how to knit.Which segues the topic to Nadech’s ability to do many things deemed feminine, including being a makeup artist.As if that is not enough, Yaya says that sometimes, no matter how far apart they are, or no matter how many days are gone before they could see each other again, when they see each other again, things are always the same. That’s why they don’t have a line and they prefer to keep it that way.The host reads a question from one of their fans on IG, when are they going to come out as a couple? Nadech says that there is nothing to hide because things aren’t clear and defined in their relationship.

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