No cc talk and hookup

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Roku will help you setup your account and bypass that credit information.

Some people like to read and don’t want to talk to anyone.

Howard is still complaining about his mother and Stuart living together especially since got him cable TV.

Raj and Emily enter Apartment 4A and meet Leonard and Penny.

The guys think about investing in Stuart's comic book store to help him get restarted after the insurance settlement was not enough.

On Roku’s website, there is a plethora of information right there.

The guys are visiting Capitol Comics since Stuart's place is still closed wishing he would reopen.

Raj tells them that he may not reopen since the insurance company settlement wasn't enough he hasn't begun to rebuild.

Lot’s of people don’t feel comfortable giving out their credit information when they feel they don’t need to.

With Roku, there is a way to bypass the credit information.

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