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The Academic Regulations provide detailed information on progression, award and classification requirements.

We will endeavour to keep the information in this handbook correct but it may occasionally lag behind reality.

Nick Naylor's relationship with his son is the lens which focuses Nick on his own behavior.

Even that relationship is not treated as a cliché, or completely reverently by the satirist, who remains true to the last frame to the goal of letting the air out of our self-righteousness.

The laughs are some of the best abdominal exercise I've ever had at the movies.

Thank You for Smoking is far and away the best satire to come out of Hollywood in years. This film is far better at true satire, its wit biting do-gooders and do-badders alike.

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Congratulations to Unlimited Class Top 3 Finishers.

Rob Lowe as the "genius" behind Hollywood "EGO", a consultant firm which helps raise financing for movies with strategic product placement, is note-perfect in a "small role". Macy, the Vermont Senator who takes on the tobacco industry, Maria Bello, a fellow Merchant of Death lobbyist, and Robert Duvall, the "Captain" of this particular industry--- the cast is jaw-dropping, and sublimely funny.

Katie Holmes, pre-Tom Kat, is gorgeous, seductive, and completely believable as the reporter who stops at nothing to get her story.

This handbook is for all undergraduate students on all School of Mathematical Sciences programmes for the academic year 2017/18You should refer to this student handbook if you are on one of the following programmes of study: This handbook should be used together with the Academic Regulations and

This handbook provides information specific to the School of Mathematical Sciences, while gives information common to all students at Queen Mary.

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