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Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas exude charisma and have a fun, magnetic chemistry, but what elevates the film to another level is the fact that Patrick Dempsey’s Andrew Hennings isn’t a bad guy. Melanie’s choice isn’t easy because both lives are appealing. I even asked my nana whom she’d select if forced to choose between Jake and Andrew. Live in New York with the handsome son of the mayor or move back to Alabama and rekindle your relationship with a rakish animal lover who has an affinity for glassblowing?

A hallmark of a lazy rom-com is making the third member of a love triangle the obvious dud.

However, while Reese Witherspoon is as sweet and as likable in this movie as always, the movie itself is only mediocre at best.

It tells the story of a rising young fashion designer living in New York City, engaged to the son of the Mayor of New York City. I may have to rethink some of my right wing thoughts on Hollywood's left wing bias. , with transplanted New Yorker (shades of Holly Golightly) -and rising fashion designer- Melanie Carmichael, receiving an ultra-romantic marriage proposal from the incredibly handsome son of the mayor, inside that iconic Fifth Avenue jewelry store.

However, the more time she Neal H Moritz; Stokely Chaffin; C Jay Cox; Andy Tennant; Reese Witherspoon; Josh Lucas; Patrick Dempsey; Fred Ward; Mary Kay Place; Jean Smart; Ethan Embry; Melanie Lynskey; Candice Bergen; Andrew Dunn; Troy T Takaki; Tracey Wadmore-Smith; George Fenton; Sophie de Rakoff Carbonell; Clay A Griffith; Touchstone Pictures.; Touchstone Home Entertainment (Firm); Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm) Melanie is a successful New York fashion designer who is dating a wealthy socialite.

I was never--in terms of her success--and, you know, the money she [made]. People always paint me that way but I'm so not that guy, man."Ryan said he'd been listening to the show recently and was puzzled why anyone cared about having access to the staff bathroom: "There's nothing special about that bathroom..tickle chair is super creepy."Howard said there's nowhere else to put it--not that it needs to be on hand: "I don't do any tickling anymore. But then I was supposed to take my shirt off for that rehearsal.

And that's when I left."Ryan added that this all happened with he was 18 or 19--and really young-looking: "I looked like I was 13.

When asked if he’s single, Ryan responded, “I’m dating.

Sort of my emphasis right now is on the kids and career.

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