Sally landau dating can be fun

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One family is coming together to celebrate a brother’s new life as a single man.The Heintz family is putting together a divorce party to celebrate the end of Greg Heintz’s three-year marriage.“We’re really trying to dig deep.” The party is planned for January, when Greg’s divorce is final. ’ It’s turning a place that had been an awkward memory into a place where we can tie it to something happy,” Kristy says.One of his brothers even mentioned holding the party where he and his soon-to-be-ex had their first date. Kristy thinks the idea of the divorce party has helped Greg realize the support he has during this life transition: “As a family, the party is the beginning of Greg’s new life.” They are planning to bring together as many people as they can, both old friends and new, to celebrate Greg’s fresh start.Rather, each Spirited Woman’s astrological Moon incorporates within both male and female-oriented instinct and intuition.When the Spirited Woman allows herself to tap into this deep vein of archetypal intuitive AND instinctive wisdom, a big picture emotional awareness emerges from the depths of her soul.However, it’s intuition--defined as “a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence”—that connects every Spirited Woman to the feminine divine and the days when the natural cycles of the matriarchy were far more revered than they are today.Your Moon & You The energy of one’s Moon--which represents our emotions, our soul, our inner child-- does not replace Mars or the martial principle.

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A fire Moon Spirited Woman must express her creative impulses in order to be true to her nature.

Every Spirited Woman has a Moon in her personal horoscope, or natal/birth chart, and the element of your Moon tells us how you react emotionally and what you need to feel secure in this lifetime.

How easy or difficult it is to live one’s Moon energy depends on its sign, location in the chart, and its aspects to other planets and sensitive chart points.

For spirited women everywhere, the Spring Equinox is a big deal - it is an annual turning point in our lives and reflects many changes. I invited Sheri Horn Hasan, an expert in Karmic Evolution Astrology back as our guest blogger to give us some answers - since her posts on Mercury in Retrograde were such a big hit.

This time she has written a three-part series on the Spring Equinox and how it really influences the divine feminine in us all. It’s easy to see how “instinct,” defined as “a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity,” has morphed from female archetypal energy (such as that of Artemis from the ancient past) toward the male-oriented martial principle of action in these more modern patriarchal times.

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