Sara evans dating

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After doing the choruses five or six times, we sang the entire song from top to bottom, so [the engineers] could have an even more emotional take of us singing it together.""I raised the key without telling him, too," she adds with a laugh. Isaac can go from sounding like he's almost yelling to sounding like he's crying, and I wanted him to get closer to the yelling thing."A song about desperation, heartache and the sort of persistent love that never fades — even if you want it to — "Can't Stop Loving You" struck a chord with Evans. With her summer tour in full swing, she found the time to ring us up and talk about classics ranging from Stevie Nicks and Don Henley to Eminem and Rihanna."Endless Love," Lionel Richie and Diana Ross"I sang this song with Marc Anthony at the Lionel Richie tribute show, and I count that was the best live performance I've ever done.

I just feel that the country format has become narrow in what they allow us to hear.They both have great voices with this massive vibrato, so that song just works together.They were the perfect pairing.""Easy Lover" Philip Bailey and Phil Collins"That's just a song from my teenage years that brings back the best memories.""Love the Way you Lie," Eminem and Rihanna"I think it's an awesome, cool duet. I love songs that are desperate, and Rihanna's part is episode with Maroon 5, and I sang that song with Adam Levine.' But at that time, I just remember thinking, ' What a cool song. We can be friends and lovers.'""No Air," Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown"That's a great song. My husband and I danced to Brown's song, ' With You,' at our wedding.""Don't Know Much," Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville"Like the others, it's a song about love and relationships, but this one is more on the positive side. The melody of that song is just so cool, and the way they sing it together… The then-27-year-old performed the Hank Williams classic "Your Cheatin' Heart" for her first performance on the historic stage.

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