Sex vedeo in lin

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The recording was hidden on an app that looked like a calculator.When Walgren opened it for the officer, it revealed photos of other partially nude girls, as well as the video, according to accounts obtained by the AP as early as last spring.Guidelines from the Illinois Association of School Boards say not reporting explicit images of kids can itself be a crime.The family's attorney contends a recording with no visible images of sex acts cannot qualify as child pornography. Either way, critics say, child pornography laws should not be invoked to prosecute kids who share sexual images with other kids.Staff members at Naperville North High School called 16-year-old Corey Walgren to the dean's office to ask about a video he made of himself having sex with a classmate. The death of the honor-roll student underscored a quandary for schools when confronting students suspected of recording and sharing sexual images: Should school officials wait until parents arrive to pose questions and search cellphones for illicit photos or video?Or do they, as de facto parents, have the authority to investigate crimes that might include child pornography?

It was the audio Walgren played for four friends, some at a school hockey practice. Also in the dean's office was Brett Heun, a Naperville police officer assigned to the school.

The issue also raises a high-stakes legal question because many child porn laws predate the phenomenon of teens sharing sexual images by cellphone.

And neither they nor their parents usually have any idea that doing so can trigger serious penalties, including being labeled a sex offender for life.

The officer told Walgren the video "concerned child pornography, which is obviously illegal." Walgren nodded.

Heun later said he wanted to impress upon Walgren that the matter was serious.

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