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The real benefit to me is being able to provide quality training to dancers.

I am a dancer before a choreographer and before a business owner, so as a dancer I do appreciate having a good class a good teacher and great training to be able to achieve my dreams as a Professional working Dancer.

In the case of Toronto, we do not have as many gigs lined up so when we do get a job were not just doing our best but we cherish it and never take one second of that gig for granted because the next one might be far away. PATIENCE for the ones TEACHING and CHOREOGRAPHING after one or two years of drop in classes.

A doctor doesn’t perform heart surgery after 2 years of med school.

After intense auditions he was accepted into the program at young age.

Its a benefit to me when I know 20, 30, 50 or a 100 dancers leave OIP Dance Centre every day feeling like they benefit them self’s by coming that day.

The challenge is keeping the quality of those classes up to the expectations of the dancers that come and spend their money for a good class and good training.

He soon began working and training with Choreographer and Do Dat Entertainment. Danny is consistently immersed in Dance running a studio and Dance Company as well as continuing to be a working Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director and Instructor. It was around 1996 or 97′ it’s called “Baila Baila” by a Puerto Rican Artist named Chayanne, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

With hard work and dedication he’s had the opportunity to perform at many events and Dance for artists worldwide; touring Europe with Shawn Desman whom he still performs with today along side his Do Dat Family One Immigrant Productions) in Oct 2005. Always on the Go, See What Danny had to say in this weeks shout out 🙂 Danny: I was 7years old, I was watching Michael Jackson on TV and I was trying to imitate his moves….mom saw me doing this and took me to the National Ballet school in Mexico and a few days later I was dancing doing Ballet!! I think it was a horrible choreography but at the time it was like I was doing the Grammy opening or something like that. But I learned a huge lesson “I learned that I need to say no when I’m not ready to do a gig……I wasn’t ready for that gig for sure” Just to let go, to listen to the music you are dancing to and enjoy every moment of that ride. A good teacher and a good choreographer design their routines by a personal style.

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