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But soft speaking is seen as a sign of Adab ( good behaviour).When speaking to a Tajik of the same gender, physical closeness and touching is acceptable.The hospitality of Tajiks is legendary, and you should always respect your role as a guest in the host-guest dynamic.Appearance is crucial: formality is never frowned upon. Family is a good topic for discussion as it is central to the Tajik way of life.The Tajik biological father of Irina asked to get a paternity test because he thought his daughter (Anna) didn't look like him; when it turned out the girl was neither his or his wife's daughter, the hospital discovered the babies got mixed up when they were born.

Tajiks are the northern most Indo-İranian people in the world together with Ossetians who live in central northern Caucasus.The use of hands and body is accompanied with special facial expressions, so one can glean from the face as to what the particular body gesture may mean.Tajiks generally speak without much consideration for how the tone and volume of their voices affect those surrounded.Friends are more likely to touch each other and although they will often maintain a similar distance when speaking, there sphere of personal space around each person is not considered as private and inviolable.There are some gestures that are considered rude (putting the big finger between the index and middle finger, putting the index finger to the forehead or the side of it).

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