Uncencure nigerian movies

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The Australian Classification Board was formed in 1970.It is a federal body with the power to classify (and to refuse classification) all films (and, from 1994, video games).1993 saw the introduction of the MA15 rating to fill in the gap between the M rating and the R18 rating due to complaints about films such as The Silence of the Lambs being too strong for the M rating (not recommended for younger audiences, though any age is still admitted) but not high enough in impact to be rated R18 (no one under 18 years of age is admitted)., censorship is largely the purview of the Classification Board, a statutory body which operates independently of the Federal Government.Some films (those made for educational or training purposes, for instance) are exempt from classification under certain conditions.Film festivals and institutions such as Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) must apply to the Classification Board to have the films on their proposed program made exempt from classification for the purpose of screening at a particular film festival or event.If the Classification Board believes an unclassified work, in their estimation would receive an X18 classification if it were to be classified they will not grant an exemption for public screening as an X18 cannot be exhibited.Film festivals may be required to age-restrict entrance to a festival or screening.

However many books, plays and films were still banned.

However, the Classification Board does administer the classification of TV programmes for private sale (e.g.

DVD and video), using the same rating classes and advisory graphics as for feature films.

Censorship of video games and Internet sites hosted in Australia are considered to be the strictest in the western world.

Australia is a commonwealth, and responsibility for censorship is divided between the states and the federal government.

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