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Women build strong emotional connections really fast.

It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse the bond with love.

[Read: The right way to sexually compliment a girl] #9 It’s ridiculously easy to make a girl doubt her own boyfriend. Every time a guy flirts with a girl, she temporarily forgets she has a boyfriend already!

All another guy has to do is point a few flaws, talk sweet, touch her in a few places, and she’ll start to think her boyfriend’s a loser and the new guy is a sex god who’s in love with her. #11 Women close their eyes while kissing another guy. [Read: How to kiss a girl by arousing her] #12 Women always think they’re in a relationship crisis.

#2 They love any man who can give them emotional support. Want to steal a girlfriend, just give her a shoulder to lean on. [Read: How to make a girl with a boyfriend like you] #3 Women favor the gene pool.

Women just like the constant rush of falling in and out of love all the time. Really, a woman could be in a perfect long term relationship with a perfect guy.

When another guy flirts with your girl, she may think she’s just having fun.

But in reality, she’d be falling for him even if he’s just having fun.

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