Who is misa hylton dating

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And even though she's no longer dating the rapper anymore, she's broken into the celeb scene in her own right: as a fashion designer and stylist.

That’s because Kim has no inner peace and it shows. We don’t sit and get a check and throw it up in the air and say “yea what am I going to do with this today”. What wasn’t going to happen to me before I went to court, is because I’m not with you or sleeping with you.

The ones who let him catch them — and impregnate them — are set for life unless he loses his fortune in a banking collapse or the worsening recession.

Sean’s first baby mama, Misa Hylton, spoke to Power 105 radio jock Cherry Martinez about her relationship with Sean’s other baby mamas, Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman.

about the lies she says Kim Porter's been telling on her...

You know how Kim told Essence magazine that she didn't know anything about Sarah or her being pregnant and that when she found out, that's when she left Diddy? Sarah says she been fucking around with Diddy for over 13 years and that Kim did too know who she was and that she'd gotten pregnant.

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