Who is reggie jackson dating

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To put that in perspective, Austin Romine has three extra-base hits, Ronald Torreyes has two and Bartolo Colon has one this season.

Jackson averaged 52 extra-base hits per year during his career, belting 563 home runs en route to the Hall of Fame. October went through his slumps, posting five separate streaks of at least 18 games in which he failed to get an extra-base hit. You go through tough stretches, but don't think that everybody in here hasn't felt what you're feeling.' We've been bouncing things off each other and talking through it.

Name: Reginald Jackson Position: Right field Born: May 18, 1946 (Abington, PA)Yankee Years: 1977-81Primary number: 44Yankee statistics: 653 G, .281/.371/.526, 115 2B, 14 3B, 144 HR, 149 w RC , 17.1 r WAR, 18.2 f WAR Whenever people recall the Yankees' championship teams of the 1970s, one name stands out above the rest.

Thurman Munson, Willie Randolph, and Catfish Hunter were all superb players, but the superstar of the group was Reggie Jackson.

She had grown weary of the infidelity that sometimes accompanied the corn liquor bootlegging business that he did in addition to his work as a tailor, so she was moving to Baltimore. Reggie was not among the chosen, and he carried this slight with him for the rest of his life.

The one saving grace to Jackson's childhood was that he rarely had to deal with segregation.

He also displayed an early propensity for health, as he made incredibly quick recoveries from brutal football injuries to his knee and vertabrae, as well as a broken jaw sustained on a pitch to the face.

Then in the spring of his freshman year, he took a bet from two of his friends, ASU baseball players Joe Paulsen and Jeff Pentland (who later became a big league hitting coach).

He wagered that it would be easy for him to make the team given his skill and high school accolades.

He idolized Willie Mays and when the Giants were one of four teams interested in him, he very nearly accepted their offer.

However, his father strongly encouraged him to go to college; his bootlegging ways had caught up to him by Jackson's senior year and he had just begun a six-month prison sentence.

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