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But one slasher film in particular stands out among the rest: I Know What You Did Last Summer, which came out 20 years ago on Oct. It’s not all that surprising, given the screenplay » Jennifer Love Hewitt, was that you?? The 38-year-old Party of Five, The Client List and Criminal Minds alum, who joined Instagram this week, posted on her page her first Throwback Thursday pic, which shows herself as one sassy-looking kid, wearing spectacular late '80s/early '90s styles, such as a beaded turtleneck, colorful bracelets and her then-wild hair tied in a top ponytail. "Brand new posts, would love if you follow and like me!

Xo Love." Hewitt—whose Instagram account has been verified—already appears to have the hang of it.

For instance, Johnny Galecki, who played Max Neurick in the film, went on to star as Leonard Hofstadter in the hit series The Big Bang Theory, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Helen Shivers, went on to play Buffy Summers in the popular TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It was also a big film for stars Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr.

"They've been spending a lot of time together and are having fun.

He showers her with attention and is helping her move on from her breakup with Jamie [Kennedy]."Hewitt and Kennedy broke up in March after dating for a year.

Besides launching some of these stars' careers, the movie sparked a bit of romance.

Prinze, who played Ray Bronson, ended up marrying Gellar in 2002.

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But since appearing on Criminal Minds for one season, she has taken a decisive step back from the Hollywood scene, focusing on family life with husband Brian Hallisay and their two young children, daughter Autumn and son Atticus. There are many memorable things about the Halloween franchise, but none of them have had quite the same impact as a then-20-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Hollywood royalty, who created an everygirl so iconic, she’s returning to the role nearly 40 years after the original.Now, with a new Halloween in the works from director David Gordon Green and writer Danny Mc Bride, featuring original star Jamie Lee Curtis as the ultimate survivor, Et decided it was time to look back on the franchise to determine which film is a dull » Just in time for Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer turned 20.Directed by Jim Gillespie, the classic slasher movie was a big break for many stars.In the ensuing years, Michael Myers (aka The Shape) became one of culture’s preeminent boogeymen, Carpenter’s haunting theme continued to set an ominous mood and the fictional town of Haddonfield dealt with a serious body count problem.While the motivations for Michael’s actions grew more convoluted, he remained a terrifying force four decades later.

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